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The Pizza Box is a small independent pizza place in Newquay. We opened our doors the summer of 2017, serving good food made from scratch with fresh, honest produce.


 Our food 

Our pizzas, paninis, sides and desserts are all freshly made by ourselves in the shop. 

Whenever possible, we make our ingredients from scratch. We smoke our garlic and chicken over beech wood and we infuse our own oils with Sichuan and African bird's eye chillis. We cook our pizza sauces from our own original recipes, with both classic and unexpected ingredients — such as mango puree, wild mushrooms or Italian tomatoes (grown on the slopes of mount Vesuvius, of course).

Our house chicken, smoked over beech wood.
We infuse our own oils with Sichuan chillis, African bird's eye chillis and smoked garlic.

 Our pizza bases 

We use also use our pizza doughs for our ciabatta bread — used in our garlic bread and paninis.

We cold ferment our doughs for at least 24 hours. This gives our bases the rich, savoury flavour they are renowned for — it also makes the pizza easy to digest and keeps the base fresh and soft.

We then stretch our pizzas by hand and bake them on a ceramic stone in a 400 degree oven. This gives the pizza an airy crust — crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside — and keeps the base light and crispy.

The Greek with olives, feta cheese, red peppers, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of our infused smoked garlic and chilli oil.

 Our pizza toppings 

Our creamy wild mushroom sauce is made from locally picked chanterelles (pictured), porcini and white wine.

We finish our pizzas with home made sauces and toppings in both classic and unusual flavour combinations.

On our house specials menu you'll find unique flavour fusions with our most popular being the Chicken Mango with our house chicken, smoked garlic, mango sauce and camembert. On our weekly specials board you'll find pizzas with our home made kebab meat, tandoori chicken, or creamy wild mushrooms with Porcini, Chanterelles and white wine.

One of our weekly specials, the Tandoori Chicken, with our home made spiced chicken, mango sauce, red peppers and spring onion.

We never stop experimenting in the kitchen — always searching for the next delicious flavour combination...